Sunday, 30 November 2003

Northern England, Nov. 2003

Liverpool - The central city square. The redone Cavern Club (the Beatles haunt) is nearby, if you turned about 140 degrees left, and walked about a block or so.

Liverpool - This memorial was up at the top of the ramp leading down into the cemetery beside the Cathedral. It's the headstone for the first Canadian man serving under British command to receive the Victoria Cross.

Liverpool - This cemetery was beside the Cathedral, sunk down below street level. You walked down a long ramp into this dank, green, gothic kind of space.

Liverpool - Nuclear testing memorial in the central square.

Manchester, early morning - The canals near the YMCA, where I was staying, across the street incidentally, from where Coronation Street is shot.

Manchester - Memorial to John Shaw.

27 Nov. - Mam Tor, from the west side.

27 Nov. - Looking north over Edale, towards the 'Black Mountain side'.

27 Nov. - Looking south over Edale, back towards Mam Tor on the other side of the valley. This shot looks towards where the one above was taken from.

Thursday, 13 November 2003

Manchester, Nov. 2003

The monster Manchester ferris wheel.

Manchester. Some love lost.