Saturday, 12 October 1991

Poland, Sept.-Dec. 1991

1991, Nov. 3 - An 18th-century church in Wygięzłów, where we stopped at on the way back to Krakow from Oswiecim (Auschwitz). This is part of the Vistula Ethnographic Park. Note the 'roofs' on the fence in the foreground, to keep snow from damaging the stonework. The tower on the the hill in the background is part of the Zamek Lipowiec.

1991, Nov. 9 - The manor house at Pawlowice. I spent the night in the house. Cold and austere, strangely. In a trip to historical architectural sites around the country, I spent nights in a few of these.

1991, Nov. 9 - The internationally-reknowned state horse farm at Racot. This is the central courtyard among the barns. The land in this region was singularly flat... like the Canadian prairies. The palace here was at one time designated as a home for the President of Poland.

1991, Nov. 16 - Cementarz Rakowicki, the largest cemetery in Krakow. This photo was taken two weeks after the All Saints' Day commemorations, when the cemetery was alight with candles and flowers are placed at the graves of relatives and respected figures.

1991, Nov. 23 - This recreation centre pool was about a block north of where I lived in Krakow. It looked like it hadn't been filled with water in a long time, and was next door to a military installation (so I climbed the fence to look over).

1991, Dec. 8 - Wroclaw train station: a layover from Krakow to Frankfurt am Main from about 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. I particularly like the diffusion of the neon of this view through the train window. Location link.