Thursday, 30 October 2008

Harvest, 2008

Our backyard peach tree. Surprisingly lush, but requires a squirrel guard.

Grapes on the backyard vine. Delicious to watch, to sit under, and to eat.

We get about 10 gallons each year. Enough to share and to store!

A typical day's haul. Peaches, grapes, basil, swiss chard, and tomatoes. Yum. Bring on the bruschetta.

Just because I always feel so darn successful whenever I harvest.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Honeymoon pictures, first post

So, here's a selection of some pictures from our honeymoon...

We took off on the train for Quebec City early on a Tuesday morning. We ended up sitting facing the way the train was coming from, which I hate... but the car quickly filled up with a herd of older Japanese tourists heading to Montreal, so there was no chance to relocate. The man sitting opposite us was very sweet, and knew a little English. He was amused when we wanted to photograph him, and he was desperate to photograph us too. It may have been funnier than it seems here.

Once our car mates, and even perhaps Stephanie fell asleep, things got quieter...

As much as I love trainrides, the scenery was only entertaining for part of the day... then we started to get bored.

By the end of the trip, after a short layover in Montreal, we were getting a little weary.