Monday, 30 December 2013

Adam Dodek, "Canada's Constitution" (2013)

Dodek has written a concise, informative, thought-provoking introduction to Canada's Constitution

The text captures some of the key moments in the developmental trajectory of Canadian constitutional thought, touching on the evolution from pre-Canadian documents such as the Royal Proclamation of 1793, Quebec Act, and Act of Union. Of course, he gives the BNA Act and Constitution Acts significant attention. To his credit, he also explores amendments to these acts, as well as related legislation such as the Statute of Westminster and the Bill of Rights.

The text includes a solid consideration of the role of the judiciary in considering Canadian constitutional laws, and handy charts outlining the basic dates related to Canadian constitutional thought, and highlighting the importance of each event.

On the whole, a great little reference book that should only encourage readers to seek out more in-depth, nuanced, and challenging analysis.

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