Thursday, 26 February 2015

Tim Castleman, "8 Hour Bestseller" (2015)

Subtitle: "How to Write Your Bestselling Book in Record Time."

I will write notes someday. For now, consider these:
1. Wouldn't completing a best-selling book in record time make you a little suspicious as an author?
2. Is this the question I'm really trying to answer, or should I be asking: "How can I write my best book in record time?" Perhaps, "how can I write the best book possible without wasting time?"

My short-term summary, however, is that the strategies laid out here could likely be conceived by most people with some critical skills and a cup of coffee. The book serves a purpose, I suppose, but reads more as proof of the author's theory that a profitable self-published and self-marketed digital book doesn't have to be particularly informative or insightful, as long as it has a concerted and well-crafted marketing campaign.

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